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Will Pakistan regime support Turkey against Saudi Arabia and UAE

Will Pakistan regime support Turkey against Saudi Arabia and UAE?.

As a sovereign nation-state, Pakistan has every right to take decisions in its own interest. But every nation has to follow some rules in so doing because of limits according to international law.

International law doesn’t now allow any sovereign nation-state to violate sovereignty of other nation- state.  And if any nation-state (country) crosses international border, enter into other country or stay there, it amounts to violation of international law.

Pakistan regime celebrated the first anniversary of February 27 shot downing of Indian Airforce military plane in Pakistani territory. Why?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) should tell nation what they would feel if any country condoles with India over its losses due to intrusion into Pakistan, violating sovereignty of Pakistan.

The similar principle applies on all other sovereign nation-states. No country tolerates intruders or violators of sovereignty.

Having said that, it remains painful for great nation of Pakistan to see regime’s prostration in the court of Saudi Kingdom.

Previously, regime had been bowing or kneeling to House of Saud but now that position turned into prostration.

Will Pakistan regime support Turkey

Saudi regime backed al-Sissi to topple President Morsi-led Egyptian government. House of Saud also supported toppling of President Omar al Bashir in Sudan. UAE’s Al Nahyan and Bahrain’s Khalifa sided with Saudi regime in these plots.

Apparently, Turkey and Qatar opposed said GCC-3 plots against Morsi and al Bashir. Saudi-led GCC3 also punished Qatar and slammed Turkey while Turkey also censured Saudi Kingdom over assassination of Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul.

Why Pakistan don’t support Turkey

In all those cases, Pakistan regime remained silent. They did not take side of Turkey or Qatar.  They didn’t support Turkish and Qatari concerns against Saudi-led GCC3.

Then came Kuala Lumpur Summit. But Pakistan regime stayed away despite having introduced the initiative jointly.

Even Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly said that Saudi Arabia and UAE pressured Pakistan and other countries to stay away from KL Summit. Because of Saudi and UAE regimes blackmailing, Pakistan regime turned bowing to prostration.

Idlib is province of Syria

But, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) expressed its deep concern on the recent developments in Syria’s Idlib region and condoled with Turkish government and people over the death of Turkish soldiers in an attack on Thursday.

Someone should tell the Aristotle at MOFA and Plato at somewhere else that Idlib is a province of Syria and not Turkey.

What the hell the foreign forces are doing in Syrian province without the permission of Syrian government!?

So, our humble request to Aristotle at MOFA and Plato at somewhere has it, please don’t underestimate wisdom and understanding of this great nation of Pakistan. Please don’t cheat Pakistani nation.

Saudi employment

Our humble request for the Saudi employee Raheel Sharif has it please serve your Saudi employer’s interests against Turkey and Qatar.  Please don’t sell Pakistani nation and its prestige for the sake of lucrative Saudi employment.

This great nation implores, please don’t make Pakistan proxy for Saudi or any other regime. Please don’t make Pakistan party in intra-Muslims or inter-Muslim conflicts.

And if the regime and MOFA want to take side of Turkey, why don’t you help Turkey restore Makkah and Madinah under Turkish control which had under Ottoman empire!?

Why don’t you help address Turkish concerns in Egypt, Sudan or Qatar where Saudi, UAE and Bahrain go against Turkish interests!?.

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