A look at the leader’s Hajj message

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei issued his annual Hajj message to the pilgrims of the House of God. In his message he highlighted some important points. Let’s review them. Islamic solidarity is one of the important principles which have been noticed by the holy Quran, the Prophet and his household (Peace upon them). In his Hajj message, the leader said:

“Today, unity among Muslims and untying the knots of separation among some parts of the Islamic Ummah is a priority and an important matter. Hajj is the manifestation of unity and harmony and the focal point of brotherhood and mutual help. During Hajj, all have to learn the lessons of focusing on commonalities and rejecting differences.”
Ayatollah Khamenei’s guideline stems from the high teachings of the holy Quran which puts much emphasis on unity. Among the features which the holy Quran considers for the Islamic Ummah is cooperation for the good of public. Self-sacrifice, avoiding suspicion are backbiting are among the traits that lead to unity.
It is unity that strengthens the sense of philanthropy and cooperation in the society and deters enemies from plotting. Other achievements of solidarity are peace and security. This is the valuable advice of the pure Islam which was presented to humanity by Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny) to create spread brotherhood among humans.
Elsewhere in his Hajj message, Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated:
“The dirty hands of imperialist politicians for a while have put discord on their agenda in order to pursue their sinister interests and today, with the grace of the Islamic Awakening, Muslims have correctly recognized the enmity of the imperialist and Zionist front and have taken a stance against them while the policies of division between Muslims have intensified.
The conspiring enemy is aiming to stoke the fire of civil strife among Muslims to misguide the motivation for resistance and jihad and to secure the Zionist regime and the lackeys of arrogance – who are the real enemies.”
The leader considered the formation of Takfiri terrorist groups such the ISIL and similar groups in the region of west Asia to be stemmed from insidious policies and warned all Muslims to regard unity as the top priority of their national and international duties.
Unity brings hearts closer to each other and creates solidarity among humans so that the enemy will not be able to penetrate and inflict blow on the society. If all Muslims especially the heads of state were unanimous about the issue of Palestine and rights of Palestinian nation, the Zionist enemy would never dare to put its claws on holy al-Quds. The issue of Palestine is the outcome of lack of required unity and solidarity among the Muslim Ummah. Oppression against the Palestinians has been concealed for long years under a plethora of lies of western media.
Once Ayatollah Khamenei said: “Whatever you imagine of human calamities have gathered in the tragedy of Palestine: murdering innocent people, making people homeless, torture, imprisonment, exile, insulting human dignity, destruction of the properties of a group of people, pressure and oppression. If all of this had happened at a corner of the world it would have saddened people. All these happen in Palestine. Do you know any people who have been tortured, lost their loved ones and whose rights have been trampled as much as the nation of Palestine? The Palestinian people demand to take back their homes from the Zionist regime. Is this considered bullying and violence? Has anyone, fighting for reviving the right of his nationality, done an unjust struggle?”
In part of his Hajj message, the leader referred to the decades of crimes of the Zionists against Palestinians and the revealing of two realities to the world. He said:
“The first reality is that the Zionist regime and its criminal supporters don’t know any limit or boundaries for viciousness, cruelty, and trampling of all human criteria and ethics. Crimes, genocide, mass destruction, killing of children, women and the homeless and any violation and oppression that they can commit, they not only deem it as permissible, but they boast of it. The tear-inducing scenes of the recent 50-day war in Gaza are the latest examples of the historic crimes committed repeatedly over the past half a century. The second reality is that this disaster has not yielded the fruits that the leaders and supporters of that murderous regime wished. Contrary to the idiotic dreams of power and stability for this regime dreamt by the dirty officials of the Zionist regime, every day the regime has moved closer to implosion and annihilation.”
Ayatollah Khamenei drew the attention of the public to the honorable and unique resistance of the homeless people of Gaza in the 50-day war. He considered the failure and withdrawal of the Zionist regime and its surrender to the conditions of the resistance as a clear example of the regime’s weakness, incapacity and hollowness, calling on the Palestinian nation to be more hopeful than ever. The leader said: “The combatants of Jihad and Hamas Movements have to boost their endeavors and the West Bank has to accelerate its move on the path of glory towards power and steadfastness. Muslims should demand real and serious support for Palestine from their governments and Muslim governments must take sincere steps in this path.
The third priority and important matter is the wise view that activists who wish well for the world of Islam should maintain, regarding the difference between pure Mohammedan Islam and the American Islam. They should be heedful not to mix these two. The pure Mohammedan Islam is the religion of mercy in which Muslims resolve their differences via sticking to law and they do not resort to sword. They respect the life and properties of each other and provide economic, political and social security for each other. They reinforce peace and tranquility in the society and treat everything on the basis of justice. They adhere to forgiveness and do not resort to retaliation although it is their right. But the American Islam encourages Muslims to kill each other.” Toward the end of his Hajj message, Ayatollah Khamenei stated:
“The American Islam stokes the fire of division among Muslims. Instead of trust in divine promises it trusts in the enemies of God and instead of fighting with the Zionists and Arrogance it fights with its Muslim brethren, it unites with the arrogant America against its own people or other peoples. It is not Islam. It is a dangerous and deadly hypocrisy which every sincere Muslim has to fight.”


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