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Beware of Tayyab Erdogan’s Fitnah, He is also Israel’s supporter like Mursi: Shiite News Report

It is the need of the time to be aware of conspiracies that have been going on against Syria because the downfall of Syrian government would be the precursor to a greater Israeli government. Syria is the only country in the region that is the center of all anti-Israel campaigns and the greatest hindrance in realization of Israel’s dream of a ‘Greater Israel’.

Turkey, like the western and several Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, has been playing a major role in the support of the terrorist organization ISIS. But the more saddening point is that Jamat e Islami and other people of Wahhabi ideology in Pakistan have been presenting Tayyab Erdogan as a hero in this war against Syria that is actually being fought in support of Israel but this is sheer treachery to the Islamic world.


It is similar to what Jamat e Islami did at the time when Muhammad Mursi’s government was established in Egypt after the revolution. They portrayed Mursi as the savior of Islamic world but it is difficult to fool people in this era of social media and Mursi’s letter and his links with Israel were revealed and his true face was exposed. Mursi also sent Ikhwan ul Muslimeen’s representative to Israel with a letter whose copy can be seen below.


These very people have now made Tayyab Erdogan as their Caliph and leader but in reality he is also working for the ‘Greater Israel’ plan for which Daesh was established. People should now understand that these so-called Islamic people i.e. Jamati, Deobandi and Wahhabi are in fact servants of Israel. They have lost wisdom and are far away from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Ahl ul Bait (as)’s teachings and hence it is easier for non-believers (Kuffars) to make them fool in name of any Caliph, Ikhwan, Daesh, Al-Qaeda or Taliban and use them for their own objectives.

Muhammad Mursi’s Love letter to the then Israeli President




It should be remembered that Turkey was the first Muslim country to accept oppressive Israeli government.



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