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OIC Hijacked by Saudi Regime

The Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has failed to fulfill its key mandate while being openly biased to the Saudi Regime.

In its website, the OIC touts itself as an Association of 56 Islamic states which is the collective voice of the Muslim world and ensuring to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony among various people of the world.

However, the recent events in the West Asia have brought to the fore what many Muslims have always complained about, that the OIC has become a toll in the hands of the Saudi regime to front its divisive agenda in the Muslim world. Matters have been worsened by the fact that, the current OIC secretary is Iyad bin Amin Madani , a Saudi public figure who served in different cabinet posts, thus he is a fierce loyalist to his benefactors in Riyadh. He has failed to provide neutral leadership as expected of him by member states. He has turned the pan-Islamic organization into a department of the Saudi foreign ministry to the chagrin of many member states suffering in silence unable to stand up to Saudi arrogance or their silence having been bought by dirty Saudi petrodollars.

OIC Biased Towards Saudi Regime

There are recent glaring examples of OIC total bias toward the Saudi regime. On October 3, OIC condemned an attack carried out by the Ansarullah movement against a warship owned by the State of the United Arab Emirates. OIC claimed the ship was carrying humanitarian aid while it is quite clear that the warship, previously used by the US Navy, was on a military mission. Indeed, the UAE military, on 2nd October, confirmed that a boat under its command was involved in an “incident” in the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.

Now fast forward to 8th October, nearly 200 people were killed and over 700 wounded on, when a Saudi airstrike hit a community hall in south of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a where a funeral for the father of Interior Minister Jalal al-Roweishan was being held.

The death toll was one of the largest in a single incident since March 2015, when the Riyadh regime began its deadly campaign to crush the Yemeni Houthi Ansarullah movement and their allies and restore power to the resigned president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Even the pro-Saudi UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemned Saudi brutality at the funeral in Yemen terming it a heartless attack which violated international humanitarian law. The world has condemned this blatant carnage of innocent Yemeni but the OIC has remained silent as if nothing has happened. Indeed this scandalous silent will forever remain a constant reminder on how the OIC has turned into a Saudi puppet.

Meanwhile, as the Syrian forces gain more victory against foreign-backed terrorists in Aleppo, the OIC Executive Committee a few days ago called on Madani to convene an emergency summit level to ‘discuss the deteriorating situation in Syria, especially in Aleppo’. This did not come as a surprise since the Saudi regime backs terrorists being defeated by the Syrian forces. It is interesting to note that the OIC Executive Committee is made up of Egypt, Turkey and the Gambia, as well as the Troika of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, comprising Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Uzbekistan.

No Cooperation among OIC States

There is little or no cooperation between 57 OIC member states. The OIC in its current structure is polarized and being used as a propaganda tool aimed at attempting to impose the Saudi regime as the leader of the Islamic world. After nearly five-decade since its formation, this pan Islamic organization has not made any major achievements be it in political, economic or cultural fields. Indeed it has only served as a talk shop for the kings and dictators.

Tens of Millions of Muslims across the world have been killed in wars led by Western states and the Israeli regime but the OIC has failed to act. Indeed the OIC was formed to confront the Israeli regime’s occupation of the Al Aqsa Mosque but has completely veered off on its stated objective. The Saudi regime which controls the OIC is now having close ties with the Israeli regime which continues to occupy the Al Aqsa Mosque, so Muslims and especially Palestinians have completely lost hope on OIC. By allowing itself to be hijacked and polarized by the Saudi rulers, the OIC has lost its relevance among Muslim masses.


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