Israeli-Arab ties; Zionist black magic

Attempts by the Zionist regime of Israel to deepen its relations with the members of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council, has been exposed again with reports suggesting a significant rise in the pace of military relations between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi.

‘Both Elbit and Aeronetics, which specialize in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, are currently in contact with Abu Dhabi to supply them with drones,’ the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported on Saturday quoting intelligence commentator Yossi Melman as saying.

‘Israeli businessman Avi Laiomi, who holds most of the shares of Aeronetics, has become the most influential Israeli businessman in Abu Dhabi,’ Milman noted, adding that ‘the other Israeli businessman Shahar Kruvets and his Jewish partner Roland Linde also contribute to providing Abu Dhabi with weapons and equipment.’

Sigurd Neubauer, a Non-Resident Fellow at the Gulf International Forum and a Washington DC-based columnist, believes that portraying Iran as a common threat is behind the cooperation between [P] GCC states and Israel which he says goes back to 2006.

‘With Israel and [P]GCC members viewing Iran as an increasingly serious threat, Tel Aviv, and the UAE, in particular, began deepening cooperation in the security sphere during 2006,’ Neubauer says.

Traditionally, the Zionist regime of Israel and Arab states has had no common ground to establish close relations. The Palestinian issue has always been a thorn in the side.

But now with the United States and its Zionist gendarme in the region campaigning relentlessly to encourage Arab states into forming a front to ward off the so-called expansionist policies of Iran in the Middle East, Arab rulers appear to take increasingly more moderate approaches towards Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian Territories and all the atrocities committed by the regime against the Palestinian people, Arabs indeed, over the past six decades.

Presently, Israel is reaching out to “moderate” Arab states to open the window to broader and longer-term geostrategic relations.

Yesterday’s occupier enemy has turned into today’s savior!

“[Persian] Gulf Arabs believe in Israel’s role because of their perception of Israel’s close relationship with the US, but also due to their sense that they can count on Israel against Iran,” reads a leaked diplomatic cable by Wikileaks from 2009.

“They believe Israel can work magic,” the cable says.

True; the Zionist regime can work a magic. But it is a black one.

The clandestine talks and secret security and economic deals between Israel and Arab states are not solely confined to those underway between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. The big brother Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are reportedly on the Zionist normalization menu.

On the other hand, Egypt as the country that led the war against Israeli occupation of Palestine, among other things, is relying on the Israeli intelligence cooperation.

The Arab states’ engagement with Tel Aviv tends to gradually fade into oblivion the issue of Palestine.

This is what the Zionist regime is after and this is the real magic Israel can work.

The Palestinian issue is a reminder for us; the countries in the region, including Arab states, should remember that there is a black magic in the work; one aimed at redefining the country borders; one that is aimed at promoting the new world order the big powers, including the US is following to achieve.

Iran is the single Middle East power that is disrupting such an order imposed by the Washington and its Zionist gendarme.

By Reza Bahar


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