Propagandas of the foes

Today I just took my pen to write an issue which Is a hot potato these days being discussed continuesly among the entire world. And by all the nations of the world especially Muslims of Pakistan and Indonesia who are interconnected with ale saud, america and Israel who are just weeping that why Syrian forces are killing muslins of Ghouta in Syria.

So here is the answer.
First of all we must be able to distinguish b/w the fake and real news that is being delineated. Secondly the exact calculation of childeren, widows and orphans being killed in Syria that is told by the social media channels like CNN and BBC is not genuine at all.
I hope that the have not left any kitten uncalculated.

Viewers, always keep this thing in your mind that the sect which is so- called protesting and screaming for this issue among all the nations especially in Pakistan is the terrorist group that includes TTP, SSP, LASHKARE JHANGVI n other band groups and parties which once used to share thousands of slayed children’s pictures and videos of the Rawalpindi incident of 10the moharram. But after 2 years of investigation the world’s no.1 agency the Pakistan intelligence IsI revealed that those who were shouting the most for this issue invariably, were themselves the culprits who used to kill there students just to spread fear and to make the region un peaceful.

All these are the followers and agents of CIA which has made the world’s most renowned movie 9/11 on the trade center of new York .
After these horrible and terrifying dramas they are now using the same agenda in Syria followed by afghanistan, Yemen , and Lebanon and palestine.
the fake pictures captured of Iraq and Palestine during the reign of sadam are now being shared by the social media just to stop the inevitable decline of ISIS n other extreme groups in syria.

What do you think that even after the intervention of UN , the american airstrikes , Saudi’s and Turkish’s currency support, why the war in Syria is not ending?
Let me tell you this here today!

Gota which is just 120 km far from from the capital of Syria is the main region and the condition of this land is directly proportional to the condition of the state. This can be use to break the back bone or to make the entire future of the country.
Now the different terrorist groups specially ISIS and the Syrian army is fighting there.

And the reality is that after the conquest of Syrian army in mousl and other provinces has helped to subdue IISIS AND the Syrian army Is just wiping and kicking all of them out of the country because these terrorist groups are the only way of survival of those fake news which is being spread to attain support from the entire Muslim world, to make them fool and to blow the oxygen in the dead bodies of there extreme brothers.
We and everyone around the world know that Islam is the religion of peace and tranquility .

But the ones who are killing, executing, and scaring people AMD children using the name of Islam are those who are acting on the propagandas of white helmet and they call them Islamic terrorist around the world.

This is the main internal discovery of MI6, the English agency that uses these extremists for its own interest and since last 20 or 30 years UK and usa are supporting the terrorist who are using Islam for what they have done and going to do!!

They supported Usama bin laden in the war against SOVIET UNION in afghanistam. They supported these extremists in 2011 against Qaddafi and now the beurocracy of both the countries is helping these troops in syria. They even tried their best best to send ISIS into Pakistan but fortunately by the help of Allah and the sacrifices of Pakistan army and pak intelligence all of their plannings went in vain and our country is Safe from all these terrorist activities.

In the end I would like to thank Syrian army and all those who are laying their lives against terrorism. They are not defending their country and their people only but actually by these sacrifices they are protecting the entire world from terrorism.

By Saleh Bahashti


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