Abu Talib the Victimised Mo’min In Sunni and Shia Books


Abu Talib is one of the most victimized Mo’mins in the conspiracy against Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). He was the main person who supported and defended the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.a.) against the enemies of Islam in Mecca. That was not because of blood relation being the uncle of the Prophet, as the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) had many uncles amongst them was Abu Lahab who was along with his wife with the staunch enemies of the Prophet.(Sura Masad attacks them openly). Abu Talib supported the Prophet because he had great faith in His message being the last and final message from Allah (s.w.t.). The faith of Abu Talib was expressed through his sayings which came in the form of poetry as he used to say (I verily know that the religion of Mohammad)

( Is the best among all religions)(Tareekh Ibn Katheer 3:42, Fat-h al-Baari Fi Shar-h Saheeh al-Bukhari 7:153, Al-Isaabah 4:116 and many other sources).

Abu Talib used to say (Verily Allah has honored His Prophet Mohammad

The most honored among Allah’s creatures is Ahmad

Allah has derived a name for Him from His name

So Allah is Mahmood and He is Mohammad)

(Dala’il al-Nobowwah by Abu Na’eem 1:6, Tareekh Ibn Asaakir 1:275, Tareekh I Ibn Katheer 1:266, Al-Isaabah by Ibn Hajar 4:115, Al-Mawaahib Alladunniah by Al-Qastalaani 1:518 narrating from Tareekh al-Bukhaari.

Enemies of Ahlul Bayt who were the Umayyad and Abbasid governments and their people fabricated stories and false Hadeeths against Abu Talib claiming that he was a Kafir. This allegation was not acceptable by Muslim public during the time of Mu’awiyah otherwise he could have mentioned it in his war against Imam Ali (a.s.). It was supported afterward by fabricated narrations

and publicized by Umayyad and Abbasid governments to harm the status of Imam Ali (a.s.) in the eyes of ignorant public.

Examining the narrations against Abu Talib:

If you take the so called Hadeeths narrated against Abu Talib and examine the narrators, you will not find them but liars and non-trusted people such as:-

1- Sa’eed Bin al-Musayyab who was an open enemy of Imam Ali (Sharh al-Nahj by Ibn Abil Hadeed 1:370). This man refused to pray Salat al-Janazah on Imam Ali Zainul Aabideen al-Sajjad (a.s.)(Shaikh al-Abtah 66)(Al-Waaqidi as in Al-Ghdeer 8:9).

2- Sufyan al-Thawri was a narrators against Abu Talib. This Sufyan al-Thawri is not only an enemy of Imam Ali (a.s.) but also known even among Sunni scholars to be narrating from liars as the Al-Thahabi admitted in Meezan al-E’tidal 1:398.

3- al-Zohri who was an open enemy of Imam Ali (a.s.) and a big liar up to the extreme extend that he claimed a Hadeeth that ( Verily Ali and Al-Abbas are fro the people of hellfire and they will not die as Musalims). This Zohri is mentioned in Sunni books as a fabricator of Hadeeths ( Meezan al-E’tidal by al-Thahabi 3:126).

4- Abdul Malik bin Omair al-Lakhmi who lost his memory as the famous Sunni scholar Abu Hatim said about him(al-Ghadeer 8:23). Ahmad bin Hanbal used to say about him that his narrations are very weak (Meezan al-E’tidal by al-Thahabi 2:151).

5- Abdul Azeez al-Dara wardi about whom Ahmab bin Hanbal said ( Arabic:Laisa howa bishaie, means : he has no value at all) (Meezan al-E’tidal by al-Thahabi 2:128). Ahmad bin Hanbal said also about him that he narrates falsehood. (Meezan al-E’tidal 2:128).

These liars tried to twist the meaning of some Quranic verses by fabricating Hadeeths against Abu Talib.

Prophet’s and Ahlul Bayt’s Sayings on Abu Talib:

The great status of Abu Talib in Islam is reflected in many sayings and actions of the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.a) and Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) who do not do not speak but what Allah (s.w.t.) wants.

The Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.a.) who (Never speaks out of a desire, but only from the revelation revealed on Him) (Sura An-Najm: 3) used to praise Abu Talib even after his death. When Al-Abbas the uncle of the Prophet asked the Prophet: What do hope for Abu Talib? The Prophet answered:

All the good, I hope it from my Lord (for Abu Talib) (Tathkirat al_khawaas 10) (Al-Ghadeer 7:374).

The Prophet (s.a.w.a.) used to repeatedly praise Abu Talib. Some of those occasions are narrated by Sunni scholars such as Ibn Hishaam in Seerat Ibn Hishaam 1:300.

The reason of the allegation against Abu Talib is clarified by the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) when He told Imam .Ali: O Ali, you have an example from my brother Easa (a.s.) ; as the Jews hated him, they accused his mother. (Kanz al-Ummal by al-Muttaqi al-Hindi) . The enemies of Ali (a.s.) also accused His father with false allegation as the Joes accused Easa’s mother.

Imam Ali (a.s.) said: By Allah, Abu Talib was a faithful Muslim (Mo’min), keeping his faith secretly, not to cause to Bani Hashim a harm from Quraish boycott. (Al-Hujjah 24, Al-Ghadeer 7:389, Mo’jam al-Qoboor 1:200).

Imam Ali (a.s.) also said: By Him who sent Muhammad as a prophet, If my father’s intercession is given to forgive all the sinners on earth, Allah will forgive all of them. (Tathkirat al-Khawaas 11).

Imam Al- Sajjad (a.s.) was asked by a person about people who claim that Abu Talib was a Kafir, He replied: It is really very strange, are they attacking Abu Talib or the Messenger of Allah who was ordered by Allah in many verses not to leave a Mo’mina (Believer lady) with a Kafir husband, and no one doubts that Fatima Bint Asad was from the best believing ladies and she was Abu Talibs’s wife till he died? ( Ibn Abil Hadeed in Sharh Nahjul Balagha 3:312, Shaukh al-Abtah 76).

Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (a.s.) said: If the faith (Imaan) of Abu Talib is put in a scale against the faith of all people, the faith of Abu Talib will be more weighty. Don’t you know that Ameerul Mu’mineen Ali (a.s.) used to send people to perform Hajj on behalf of Abullah and Aaminah (Prophet’s parents) and Abu Talib as long as Imam Ali was alive , then He made a will to continue that after His death).(Shaikh al-Abtah 32, Al-Ghadeer 7:381, Abu Talib Mo’min Quraish by Al-Khunaizi 257). It is obvious that Hajj can only performed on behalf of Muslims.

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (a.s.) when a person told him: People are claiming that Abu Talib is in a shallow in the fire, said: They are lying, not in this Gabriel was sent. Surely, Abu Talib is like the people of the cave who kept their faith secret and showed polytheism, so Allah doubled their reward twice. (Al-Hujjah 17 and 115, Mo’jam al-Qoboor 1:191).

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (a.s.) asked Younus Bin Nabatah: O Younus, what do people say about Abu Talib? Younus replied: People say that he is in a shallow in the fire from which his brain is boiling. Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said: The enemies of Allah are lying. Abu Talib( in the paradise) is with the prophets, truthful, martyrs and pious people, who are the best to be with. (Shaikh al-Abtah 32, al-Hujjah 17, al-Ghadeer 7:394 from Kanz al-Fawaa’ed).

Imam Musa al-Kazim (a.s.) was asked by Dorost Bin Abi Mansour : What was the state of Abu Talib? Imam al-Kazim (a.s.) replied: He believed in the Prophet and in all the message that He brought from Allah, and handed The Wills to Him. (Al-Abbas 18, Al-Ghadeer 7:395, Abu Talib by Al-Khunaizi 262). This is a very important statement from an infallible Imam that Abu Talib had The Wills which are kept with the most pious person in every age, so they were kept with

Abu Talib before the prophet hood of Mohammad (s.a.w.a.) and were handed over by Abu Talib to the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.a.). This great status of Abu Talib is much above and higher than the status of other believers. That is the reason of infallible Imam Mohammad al-Baqir (a.s.) saying that the Imaan (faith) of Abu Talib is more weighty than the Imaan of all the creatures.( Shaikh al-Abtah 32).

Imam Ali Al-Reza (a.s.) received a letter from Abaan Bin Mahmood writing that he has a doubt about Abu Talib whether he was a Muslim or not. Imam Reza (a.s.) wrote to him this Quranic verse:( And whoever contradicts and opposes the messenger and takes a way different from the way of the believers, we will leave him with whom he is following and cast him hell and it is the worst destination) (4:115) then Imam wrote to him: If you do not believe that Abu Talib was a believer, your destination will be in the fire. (Sharh Nahjul Balaghah by Ibn Abil Hadeed 3:311, Al-Hujjah 16, Mo’jam al-Quboor 1:189, Abu Talib by Al-Khunaizi 264).

Claiming that Abu Talib was a non believer (Kafir) is no doubt contradicting and opposing the Prophet who knew Abu Talib’s great status and hence praised him all along. It amounts to hurting the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) by insulting his noble uncle, guardian and protector of Islam who was attached to him till the end of his life. Hurting the Prophet is a major Sin as the Prophet said in a Hadeeth says: Whoever hurts a hair from me has hurt me, and whoever hurts me has hurt Allah. (Al-Sawaa’eq Al-Muhriqa by Ibn Hajar 111). Allah says in Quran :

(And those who hurt the Messenger of Allah will be in a painful punishment) (Al-Tawba: 61)

(Surely, those who hurt Allah and His Messenger are cursed by Allah and His Messenger in this life and hereafter) Sura Al-Ahzaab: 57. This shows the dangerous results of the baseless claim against Abu Talib, not only because accusing a Muslim to be a non-Muslim is itself a major Sin, but also it hurts the Prophet and contradicts his sayings and actions. It also goes against Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) who are the most pious in the Umma of Mohammad (s.a.w.a.), whom Allah has purified from any error according to Quran (33:33).

Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) narrated a Hadeeth that Allah has revealed on His Messenger that I have supported you two types of followers; followers who support you secretly and followers who support you openly. The best and master of your secret supporters is Abu Talib, while the best and master of your open supporters is his son Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), them Imam Askari (a.s.) said: Surely, Abu Talib was like the Mo’min of Aal Fir’awn who was keeping his Imaan secretly) (Al-Hujja 115, Abu Talib by Al-Khunaizi:265).

Famous Sahaba’s witnesses:-

Abu Bakr said that Abu Talib did not die but after he said: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is His messenger. (Sharh al-Nahj by Ibn Abil Hadeed 3:312)(Shaikh al-Abtah 71),(Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah 3:123),(al-Isaabah 4:116),(Dala’il al-Nobowwah by al-Bayhaqi 1:120 and(Kash al-Ghummah by al-Sha’rani 2:144)

Abdullah Bin Abbas was asked by a person: O Messenger’s cousin, tell me about Abu Talib, was he a Muslim? He answered: How can Abu Talib be a non-Muslim when he was saying (About the Prophet): (Did not they know that we believe that our son (nephew) never lies)

(And He does not care for wrong sayings).

Ibn Abbas added: Abu Talib was like the people of the cave, who kept their Imaan as secret and showed polytheism, so Allah granted them a doubled reward. ( Al-Hujjah 94).

Abu Zar al-Gifari said: By Allah who is the only God, Abu Talib did not die but as Muslim. (Al-Ghadeer 7:398).

Hassaan Bin Thabit the poet of the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) said about Hamza and Abu Talib (If you mourn a dead, then weep on the faithful the brother of the faithful) Tathkirat al-Khawaas by Sibt Ibn al-Jawzi 31.

Abul Jahm Bin Huthafa used to say: I bear witness that Abu Talib was a Mo’min.( Al-Ghadeer 7:399, al-Hujjah 268).

Famous Sunni scholars witnesses:-

Soyooti wrote a whole book proving that Abu talib was a Mo’min. The book is (Bughyat al-Talib Li-Imaan Abi talib) ( al-Zaree’a by al-Tahrani 2:511).

Sibt Ibnil-Jawzi in his famous book Tathkirat al-Khawaas: The fact the Abu Talib is from the people of paradise does not need a research as its evidences are more than to be mentioned. His efforts in sponsoring the Prophet and supporting Him, his efforts to protect Him from the harm of wrongdoers and non-believers, the deep grief of the Prophet on his demise, naming the year of his death and Khadija’s death as the year of sadness, seeking forgiveness for him for long time and nobody doubts in the acceptance of the Du’a of the Prophet specially with His insisting on the Du’a) (Tathkirat alkawaas P 10 and 11).

Al-Mubarrad the author of Al-Kaamil mentioned Abu Talib’s faith as narrated by Ibn Ma’ad in al-Hujjah 263.

Abu Jafar al-Iskaafi (Rasa’el al-Jaahith 32).

Zaini Dahlan said that big number of narrations about Abu Talib and the Prophet are clear that Abu Talib’s heart was full of Imaan. (Asna al-Mataalib page 6 and 7).

Ibn Wahshi al-Hanafi issued a fatwa (verdict) that hating Abu Talib is Kufr (disbelieving in Islam). Same fatwa came from the Maliki scholar Ali al-Ajhowari (Abu Talib by al-Urfi 144).

Allama al-Ameeni in his encyclopedia called (al-Ghadeer) mentioned names of some Sunni scholars who admitted that Abu Talib was a Mo’min such as Abul-Qasim al-Balkhi, al-Talmasaani in his book Hashiyat al-Shifaa’, al-Sha’raani, Sibt Ibni al-Jawzi, al-Qurtobi, al-Sabki, Abi Tahir, al-Soyooti and others.

It is worth mentioning that many prominent Sunni and Shia scholars wrote books in this subject. The names of many of these books are mentioned in al-Ghdeer (7:401,402,403) and in Abu Talib by Haidar al-Urfi (229,330,332,333).

It is also worth mentioning that Allama Ameeni collected forty authentic Hadeeths on the Imaan and great status of Abu Talib in his books Al-Ghadeer (7:385-400).

Summary about Abu Talib:-

1- The statements of Abu Talib confirm his faith in Islam. Such statements are narrated in Sunni references as well as Shia references.

2- The full support and great sufferings of Abu Talib defending Islam reflect his great faith in Islam and the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.a.).

3- Qura’nic verses praising those who gave shelter to the believers and supported them and stating that (They are the believers really).(al-Anfal:74).Abu Talib was the best of them as he was the guardian and supporter of the Prophet Himself (s.a.w.a.).

4- The praise of the Prophet to Abu Talib and His prayers for him all along is evidence that Abu Talib was a great Mo’min.

5- The sayings of infallibles from Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) about the great status of Abu Talib. Their statements are endorsed by Quran (Al-Ahzaab:33).

6- The witnesses of famous Sahaba and Sunni scholars admitting the fact of the Imaan of Abu Talib.

7- Allah has ordered the Prophet not to allow any Muslim woman to continue with a non Muslim husband. Fatima Bint Asad was a great Mo’min lady and called by the Prophet as like His mother. She remained with Abu Talib till his death which means that Abu talib was a Mo’min.

8- Imam Ali (a.s.) used to send people every year for Hajj on behalf of Abdullah and Aamina (Prophet’s parents) as well as on behalf of Abu Talib. Hajj any Islamic worship can only performed on behalf of Muslim.

9- All narrations against Abu Talib are politically motivated and initiated by governments against Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.). Imam Ali (a.s.) was cursed from their pulpits for decades and His father was a great victim of that enmity.

10- All the narrators against Abu Talib were liars or enemies of Imam Ali or connected directly or indirectly with the enemies of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.).

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