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Bright Future of the Islamic Revolution

Islamic-RevolutionGreetings readers, and today February 11 corresponding to the 22nd of the Iranian month of Bahman, the tenth and final day of the 10-Day Dawn that changed the destiny of Iran positively forever 33 years ago, we present you a special feature on the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the enlightened leadership of Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace).

Today, as Iran steps into the 34th year of the glorious Islamic Revolution which continues to generate waves of awakening in the region and beyond, tens of millions of Iranians held rallies throughout the length and breadth of the Islamic Republic to reaffirm their allegiance to the ideals of the Late Imam and the present leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. In Tehran today, millions converged on Azadi (Freedom) Square from all directions of the capital, to hear President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad make another memorable speech amidst cheers and cries of Allah-o Akbar and Death to the US, Death to Israel, as well as support for the brotherly people of Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and elsewhere who, inspired by the grassroots movement of the Iranian Muslim people, are striving to make their own revolution triumph on the basis of Islam against the designs of Washington and Tel Aviv. This is proof of the fact that the Islamic Revolution continues its march to enlighten and awaken people in other countries, despite the plots of the past three decades of Global Arrogance to try to stop what they called its export to other countries. “Freedom, Independence, and the Islamic Republic”, have been the slogans of the Iranian people for the past three decades. In 1979 these days, when the bipolar world was divided between the communist bloc led by the Soviet Union and the capitalist bloc led by the US, the Iranian people, while campaigning against the hated Shah, had made it clear: “Neither East nor West, Islam is the Best.” This slogan still holds true today at a time when the tottering unipolar world may well split into a multipolar one.

The strategic goal of Imam Khomeini was to overthrow the despotic regime and end US influence and hegemony in Iran in order to establish the Islamic system of government based on God’s Revealed Word to mankind, the holy Qur’an, and the practical precedents set by Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon him and his progeny) and the Infallible Imams. Thus, in view of these undeniable facts, the confrontation and hostility of US officials with Iran was not unexpected, although over the past thirty-three years of its feverish plots Washington has continued to suffer setback after setback as the Islamic Republic of Iran and its influence in the region and beyond gains new strength every day. It is impossible for Imperialism and Islamic justice to come to terms with each other, since the system of liberal democracy in the West is decadent and oppressive, and naturally has to collapse sooner or later. Eventually justice triumphs and it is only the dynamism of Islam that gives meaning to a just and equitable world order. Here Islamic Iran plays a vital role in view of strategic geo-political location, between the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea with the Caucasus Mountains and Russia and Europe to its northwest; the Pamirs of Central Asia and China to its northeast, the Subcontinent to its east, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine to its west, and the Arabian Peninsula and Africa to its south.

If the Persian Gulf with its oil is the lifeline for industries in the west and east, the importance of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s northern borders on the Caspian, Caucasus, and Central Asia has doubled following disintegration of the Soviet Union. For, Iran is the shortest, surest, safest, and most economical route for the landlocked countries to its north. It is evident that a land with such characteristics and which possesses rich oil and gas resources cannot be immune from the economic covetousness and political intentions of the domineering powers. We all remember the US and European support for Saddam in his 8-year war against the Islamic Republic, as well as the present backing of the West, particularly of Washington, for terrorist and anti-revolutionary groups against Iran, in addition to the repeated threats of the illegal Zionist entity and the unjust UN sanctions, coupled with the new round of unilateral sanctions by the US – all part of intricate plot to try undermine, if not overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. By the grace of God Almighty the enemies will fail, but this does not mean that Iranian Muslims should ever show laxity to the weird and vain efforts of Uncle Sam to tarnish the visage of Islamic Iran, when the real culprit is the dangerously nuclear-armed US itself with its criminal record of dropping atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and its constant violation of human rights and democracy by supporting dictatorial regimes and undermining elected governments.

Iran and Iranians remember how in 1953 the US had engineered a coup in Iran to overthrow the elected government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq and to return to power the hated Shah. In other parts of the world the US has resorted to the same anti-democratic methods and violation of the rights of nation. The US cries hoarse about democracy and human rights, while conveniently continuing to violate these principles at home and abroad. Certain Europeans states that tamely toe the American line against Islamic Iran, also indulge in hypocrisy, while the fact of the matter is that religious popular rule in Iran, is definitely better than the western concept of democracy, and has in fact turned into a model for freedom-seeking nations in the region and beyond. In the words of the Late Imam, Islamic freedom is more comprehensive than the democracy of the west.

It is also worth noting that the US and its West European accomplices never made mention of lack of democracy in Iran or violation of human rights when their lackey, the despotic Shah, was in power and trampling all basic liberties by filling prisons and torturing prisoners. From the autumn of 1978 to midwinter February 1979 when the Shah’s regime was martyring people in the streets the US never said the Pahlavi potentate was violating human rights. Even when Saddam imposed the war, bombed Iranian cities, and used internationally banned chemical weapons, the US and the West kept mum. Why; because the Shah and Saddam were serving American interests against Islam and Muslims.

When the Iranian people established the Islamic Republic, instituted freedoms in society, granted women the freedom of hijab, respected the rights of religious minorities by allocating seats for their representatives in the parliament, have held free and fair elections at all levels frequently since 1979, and declared that Islam forbids the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, the US and its stooges have turned against Iran. The reason is obvious. Washington hates to see Iran independent, powerful, and technologically advanced. Thus, in a bid to obstruct the scientific, cultural and spiritual progress of the Iranian Muslim people, the US and its accomplices are resorting to all devilish plots and are manipulating the UN which has become a mere tool in their hands, to impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic. However, thanks to the vigilance of the Iranian Muslim people, the prudence of Iranian officials, and the insight of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the enemies will not succeed. May God exalt the status of the Late Imam Khomeini! It is his foresight and the founding of the dynamic system of Vilayat-e Faqih or Governance of the Supreme Jurist that guides the Iranian nation on the path of popular religious rule with astounding successes in almost all and every field, thereby making the Islamic Republic an inspiration for the world’s truth-seeking and freedom-loving nations.

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