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80 Shia Muslims martyred in Pakistan in November 2012

shiakilling monthlyreportEighty Shiites were martyred in numerous acts of terrorism and targeted attacks across Pakistan in the month of November 2012.
Twenty-eight Shia Muslims were martyred in Sindh province, among them 26 were murdered in targeted attacks in Karachi alone. Two Shiites were martyred in attack on Ashura procession in Khairpur district.
Twenty-seven Shiites were martyred in Punjab province.  Twenty three Shiites were martyred due to suicidal attack on Moharram mourning procession in Rawalpindi. Grenades were also thrown and firing was also conducted before suicidal attack. Four more Shiites were martyred in Sargodha district.
In Balochistan province, 14 Shia Muslims were martyred. Among them nine were attacked in Quetta, provincial capital. Four more were targeted in Mach and another was murdered in Hub city.
Eleven Shiites were martyred in Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa province. Ten of them were martyred in two attacks on Moharram 9th and Ashura processions in Dera Ismail Khan. Remotely controlled roadside bombs were concealed under heap of garbage that hit the Moharram procession.
In all these acts of terrorism and targeted attacks, notorious Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi banned by the government of Pakistan, was involved. The groups have renamed them as Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat and their activities go unnoticed by the government.


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