Shia Killing and Political Parties

shianasalkushiShia Muslims have been subjected to persecution, oppression, tyranny and hatred in all ages. Their only sin was and is their love for the last prophet and apostle of God almighty Hazrat Muhammad and his infallible progeny (peace be upon them).
It seems after Pakistan came into being that this would not happen here but these expectations proved wrong . Enemies of Shia Muslims misused illiteracy and unawareness of people. They followed imperialistic powers tactics to poison the minds of people. They sowed the seeds of hatred. Gradually, they spread across Pakistan to act upon their condemnable activities.

In 1980s, when houses and mosques of Shia Muslims were gutted, these stooges of imperialism had not much influence and society had not accepted them. With the passage of time, position of these anti-state and anti-Islam elements had been strengthened. They promoted the game that the U.S. and Israel had introduced. These stooges expanded the network of their plots. They hoodwinked people by masquerading themselves as Sunni Muslims. They somehow succeeded in their game.

After society, political parties were their second target. They wanted to influence countries political matters through political parties. When Muhajir Qaumi Movement (renamed as Muttahida Qaumi Movement) was formed, they set religious tolerance as one of their targets. They introduced the slogan that they would serve people irrespective of religious affiliation. They did so in the beginning although such policy was aimed at increasing their vote bank. To incline to such a party was natural in the wake of burning of houses and Imam Bargahs.

Despite these facts, genocide of Shia Muslims was not stopped but Gilgit-Baltistan was made target of genocide during tenure of General Zia ul Haq.

The PMLN was inclined to Saudi Arabia from the day one. It remains an open secret that Nawaz Sharif was being funded by Saudi Arabia and when he is financed by Saudi Arabia he would toe Saudi line too. Wahhabism rules the Saudi Arabia. Demolition of Jannat ul Baqee graveyard in Medina had exposed Saudi rulers. Their efforts to promote Wahhabism in Pakistan came to light. Nawaz Sharif first worked underground to promote Wahhabism. But, now PMLN’s relations with banned terrorist outfits and supporting them are not hidden from anybody nor they tried to cover-up it. These facts compelled Shia Muslims remained away from PMLN.

Pakistan People’s Party was known as Shia party because Shia Muslims had supported the PPP. After 11 dictatorial years of General Zia ul Haq, PPP came into power. Then, Shia Muslims were hopeful and they thought they would be compensated. As a matter of fact, Taliban was founded or organized and strengthened during PPP’s government. In the 1990s, Taliban was involved in the Bamiyan massacre of Shia Muslims. It was published fact that extremists within army had helped Taliban and Supreme Leader had strongly condemned that. When Taliban was made strong in Afghanistan, positing of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba was also made strong in Pakistan.

In the late 1980s to late 1990s, governments of the PPP and PMLN were formed like a chair-game but one thing that was common between the otherwise two squabbling parties was carnage of Shia Muslims and patronage of anti-Shia elements. Despite the fact that a number of Shia leaders were in the PPP, the power hungry people attached importance to U.S. and Israel instead of religion.

Karachi and Hyderabad’s Shias were hopeful after the MQM was formed that this party would fight for their rights but with the passage of time, their hopes were dashed.

The MQM gave Shia Muslims representation in provincial assembly and national assembly but MQM itself faced retribution. Jihadi groups were formed in the name of jihad in Kashmir. When they didn’t remain under control, they were banned. Those jihadi groups took shelter of different political parties including the MQM.

Anti-Shia elements gradually replaced Shias in the MQM. Facts remain that from the day one, the party was not formed for Shia rights but they benefited from Shia vote-bank. Now, MQM has 19 MNAs and only 2 of them are Shia Muslims and they were bound according to MQM’s policy that they would not speak on Shia legitimate rights.

There are many mosques in Karachi from where Shia Muslims are censured or they violated the sanctities of Shia Islam but these mosques had plaques inscribed with the names of MQM ministers. After Ashura tragedy in Karachi, MQM’s city nazim Mustafa Kamal tried to lay the blame on Shias instead of sharing grief or condoling over irreparable losses caused to Shia Muslims. MQM’s real face was exposed to the world on that day. The same Mustafa Kamal regularly visits jihadi seminaries to install computer and sometimes help then in cash. Is it not an anti-Shiism act on part of the MQM?

According to an estimate, 160 Shia Muslims were mercilessly killed from November 2011 to April 18, 2012 in Pakistan. Did the MQM, PPP, PMLN and PTI voice their protest against the genocide?

If a worker of the MQM is killed and it is not known who killed him, they resort to violence and whole of the city is burnt. But, we shoulder many coffins in a day and they take no notice, why?

After a show of mass strength by a Shia party, the anti-Shia elements have resurfaced with old tactics. They are trying to hoodwink Shia Muslims by shedding crocodile tears. Reports had it that the MQM’s delegations have visited Shia mosques and Imam Bargahs in Karachi and Hyderabad. Trustees of mosques and Imam Bargahs were conveyed veiled threats that it is MQM alone that will defend Shia rights.

Who can believe in it? Where MQM was when we shouldered 35 coffins and our sanctities were violated? Where MQM was when disappointment gripped hundreds of Shia families? How you can claim that you are sympathizer of Shia Muslims. When a rally was staged from Incholi to Governor House to demand of the government to arrest the murderers of martyr Askari Raza, MQM warned their workers not to participate in the rally otherwise their membership will be cancelled, why? If the sit-in outside Governor House with the body of martyr Askari Raza was a meeting of MQM’s rival parties or was they promoting anti-MQM ideology?

Perhaps, MQM has forgotten but we don’t. MQM should recall that when elections were announced in the 1980s, Dr Farooq Sattar had led a delegation to a meeting with Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqh e Jafaria (TNFJ). In that meeting with TNFJ representatives, Mr. Sattar asked the TNFJ why they were participating in Elections. He said that MQM is there to defend the rights of Shia Muslims and Bralevi Sunnis. The TNFJ’s Maulana asked from Mr. Sattar why MQM was participating in Elections when Jamaat-e-Islami is there to represent Sunni Bralevis. The MQM’s delegates had no answer to TNFJ’s question.

Now, MQM has proved it was interested in toeing party line instead of defending Shia Muslims legitimate rights. It seems that soon MQM will withdraw from Sunni Bralevis rights as well.

MQM has come under the influence of Taliban elements that are eating MQM like a termite. Under a plan, Shia Muslim members of the MQM were killed but MQM took no notice of it and no action against the killers. Why MQM had not taken any sort of action against Taliban-like elements within their party.

Reports had it that MQM’s MPA namely Raza Haider was killed on a tip-off from within the MQM because informants were anti-Shia elements of the MQM. The only sin of Mr. Raza Haider was the fact that he deviated from party policy. Clad in a token “kafan,” he offered namaz and protested against Ashur and Chehlum tragedies. Was it not a point for the MQM to ponder upon?

Don’t take care of Shia Muslims. Shias are not afraid of martyrdoms. Shias are not scared of threats. The U.S. has been threatening Shias and sometimes she threatens through Taliban and Zionist regime. Shia Muslims are Hussaini and Hussainis are fearful of God Almighty. There are 50 million Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Now, we are awakened. Now, we shall fight to attain our legitimate rights. In this fight, if we shall die we shall be called martyr otherwise we shall be Ghazi.


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