Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni, a great scholar who led a simple life

molana ghulam ameniMaulana Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni who had been martyred on Monday night was a great religious scholar. He was 55 years old.
He served Dar ul Hikma, a religious seminary for 25 years. He remained principal of the seminar for 12 years. It may be noted that Dar ul Hikma imparts higher education to its students. He has left behind 7 children.

Mr. Ameeni also worked for a caravan that offers services to those who go for Hajj pilgrimage. Despite working on many positions, he led a simple life.

Shaikh Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni’s death has caused irreparable loss to Shia Muslims. They are grieved on untimely death of Mr. Ameeni.

Shia leaders and parties have condemned the targeted murder of Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni. They demanded arrest of the killers. They said that terrorists remain active in district central and in particular Nazimabad area where they have targeted many Shia Muslims in the past. Police has failed to take action against them.


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