How many Shiites live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

matmi jalusHow many Pakistani Muslims are Shiites, it should be known to everyone. In particular, the journalists should not be ignorant of the factual statistics.

Shia Muslims of Pakistan have expressed surprise over the lack of knowledge of noted anchor person Mohammad Malik, a senior journalist about Shia demography in Pakistan. He did a good programme against the terrorists involved in genocide of Shiites.

But, he ignored the fact about actual numbers of Shia population. He said there are 17 million Shiites in Pakistan. A decade ago, Allama Hassan Turabi (who has been martyred) had disclosed that there are 40 million Shia Muslims living in Pakistan. Now, a religious party leader estimated that 50 million Pakistanis are Shiites
Apart from Shia claims, the World Fact Book of the world’s known intelligence agency, the CIA of the U.S., mentions there are 20% Pakistanis are Shiites. Wikipedia says Pakistan has the second largest Shia population in the world. Other sources also confirm that Shiites are between 20% and 25% of total population of Pakistan.

It is nasbi takfiri terrorist group that first wrongly declared that only 5% Pakistanis are Shias. On that ground, the terrorist group started harassing Shiites through their anti-Shiism. They wanted that 5% population should not enjoy any sort of religious rights in Pakistan. They wanted Shias to have been massacred or live in fear forever. They wanted there must be no holiday on Ashura because Shias acknowledge Hazrat Hussain (AS) son of Ali (AS), maternal grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) as infallible Imam (leader) of Islamic Ummah.

There were secular hypocrites who remained silence against pogrom of Shiites at the hands of these terrorists. It is a known fact that only 3% of Pakistanis are non-Muslim minority. They enjoy right to celebrate their religious days and live their lives according to their creed.
Shiites believe that all Pakistanis have right to live according to their religious creed. But, terrorists and hypocrites are playing a dirty role by understating the Shia population. This article doesn’t aim at Mohammad Malik but we want to inform him that he should have gotten objective information about religious demography of Pakistan.

All should know the facts about Pakistan and founding fathers of Pakistan. Father of Pakistani nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah was also a Shia. His close aides had Shiites such as Raja Saheb Mehmoodabad and Mr. Isfahani. Even the ideology of Allama Iqbal, who conceived the idea of separate homeland for Muslims of undivided India, remains closer to Shiism.

Hence, anti-Shiism should be doomed to fail in the sacred land of Pakistan once and for all. Pakistani Muslims in particular should reject the takfiri ideology of nasbi terrorists and their patrons. Shias are integral part of Pakistani society. Conspiracy against Shiites and Shiism is a conspiracy against Pakistan and Islam itself. This conspiracy should be buried with the conspirators.


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