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Takfiri elements infiltrate Muttahida Qaumi Movement to harm Shiites

mqmAn eminent scholar and head of a Shia party recently disclosed that they have credible information that Muttahida Qaumi Movement was also involved in genocide of Shia Muslims. He revealed it at his party convention in Islamabad.
Earlier, similar statements came from the ranks and files of Shiites living in Karachi. Targeted murders of Shi youths in Rizvia Society, Gulbahar, Golimar, Nazimabad and surrounding areas compelled them to point accusing fingers upon the Altaf-led party.

A Karachi-based leader of Shia Action Committee, whose son was also martyred, had also expressed surprise over the targeted murders of Shias in the areas dominated by the MQM.

He publicly said that there are elements in the MQM who work against what Altaf Hussain publicly say about Shias and religious tolerance and peace among all sects. He went on to say that ideology of Altaf Hussain about peace and unity of Muslims was confined to himself in London.

Shiites have to blame the MQM because they see some pro-takfiri figures among the high-ranking positions in the MQM. They say that an eminent figure of the MQM who is resident of Shahrah-e-Faisal and another of Liaquatabad actively support takfiri terrorists. Former is a member of the coordination committee and latter is organizing committee member.

Residents of Hassan Colony complain that an attack was made on a religious congregation of Shias at night before Ashura. The attackers came from a mosque/Madressa inaugurated by the said member of coordination committee. Therefore, Shiites call it a naked example of hypocrisy on the part of the MQM.

Similar complaints were received from Rizvia Society Nazimabad and Incholi. The residents were angry over the hijacking of the funeral processions of the Shia martyrs by the local officials of the MQM.

Reports had it that terrorists belonging to outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have infiltrated in the MQM and they have hijacked the party against Shiites. Their activities seem to be going unnoticed by Altaf Hussain. Shias believe that no terrorist could perpetrate terrorism in the MQM dominated areas without their consent and knowledge. Not to forget that MQM has its own intelligence system in whole of Karachi.

Shiites have solid reasons to go against the MQM because notorious takfiri terrorist Azam Tariq was welcomed at Sindh’s Governor House and Governor belongs to the MQM. This year, Governor Sindh embraced Ahmed Ludhianvi, successor of Azam Tariq at the Governor House. Why? A delegation of the outlawed group has visited Nine Zero, why?

MQM’s actions have not matched its words. There is no difference between the MQM and those other parties who the MQM blame for connection with the banned terrorist groups. MQM needs to draw a fine line between them and those who MQM blames for supporting terrorists. MQM has to expel all takfiris and pro-takfiri officials and members and shut its door for them for good.

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