“MQM tasked by U.S. to intensify Shia genocide”

hillryclinton and farooq saA high level delegation of Muttahida Qaumi Movement called on United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Envoy for Af-Pak region Marc Grossman. These high level meetings were held in New York on September 27.
Political observers and public quarters have attached importance to the timing and agenda of the meetings. Reports had it that the United States is worried over the stiff reaction of the Pakistani masses to the U.S.-made anti-Islam sacrilegious film. The U.S. authorities want to divert public attention from the profane movie.

The Pakistani masses have thronged roads and streets demanding expulsion of the U.S. ambassador and diplomats. They demanded of the government to declare U.S. diplomats, persona non grata as a token of protest against the U.S. made blasphemous film.

To counter the united and organized Pakistanis and to divert public attention from stiff protest and anti-American feelings of Pakistanis, U.S. has hatched conspiracies. They have assigned the MQM to do this job on their behalf.

Reports had it that the MQM is likely to intensify the target murders of Shiites under that conspiracy. A known website has earlier disclosed in a report that Death Squad of the MQM was assigned to murder 25 active Shia notables including youths and scholars.

It is also a known fact that a number of takfiri terrorists and their relatives have infiltrated the party and they continue to harm Shiites in many areas of Karachi, the economic capital of Pakistan.


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