Tahir Ashrafi, a staunch supporter of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba found drunken

tahir ashrafiThe news of Tahir Ashrafi’s drinking and passing out at German Embassy Islamabad and his subsequent ordeal has been effectively wiped out from Pakistani media. The episode is also an example of how history is distorted by courtier mullahs and historians.
After the media reports initially reported that the Chairman Ulema and Mashaikh Council Pakistan Maulana Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi was abducted on 5-6 October and recovered within five hours of abduction in Islamabad, a media channel (Waqt TV) very briefly reported that Ashrafi was not been kidnapped but he was found in unconscious state after he excessively drank at an event held at a Western Embassy in Islamabad.
According to Waqt News, Molana Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi was caught drunk in his car on GT Road near Jehlum. He was found drunk on a police check post, he was not in his senses on the back seat of his car, police checked him and found that he was drunk and had been vomiting on his clothes and car seat. He was going to Lahore after night out in German Embassy in Islamabad where he got drunk. He lied to media by telling them that he had been kidnapped.
According to Waqt News, agencies also made a mobile footage or video of Asharfi in drunk state, which has been kept in ISI’s folder.
After regaining his consciousness, the Maolana made a cover up story that he was kidnapped by unknown person and that the kidnappers injected him with intoxicating medicine. The media has reported that the law enforcement agencies have submitted their report, in which they have stated that the Tahir Ashrafi was not kidnapped, it was just a cover up concocted by Ashrafi and his sponsors (ISI). According to another report when he caught drunk he couldn’t reply to any of the questions asked by the police, but after getting conscious he personally called them back and told them that he was kidnapped. The story of his kidnapping was fully corroborated by his friends in Sipah-e-Sahaba, ISI and certain dubious journalists – both in right and pseudo-liberal elites.
Video report by Waqt TV


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