Intra-Deobandi rivalry in Karachi results in attack on Aurangzeb Farooqi; Ali K. Chishti jumps in to mediate

Capture6Author: Arshad Ali
The intra-Deobandi Malik Ishaq vs Ahmed Ludhiyanvi rivalry saw its culmination in Karachi today when leader of pro-Taliban banned militant group Sipah Sahaba (currently operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ), Aurangzeb Faruqi Deobandi, was targeted by gunmen, killing his two guards and wounding him. Soon afterwards, organized violence was also witnessed on the streets of Karachi as Taliban-led Sipah Sahaba maddrassa students burnt cars, damaged properties and looted shops.
The attack is being seen as warning to Aurangzeb Faruqi Deobandi as he is close to Ahmed Ludhiyanwi Deobandi whose rivalry with Malik Ishaq Deobandi is simmering ever since the latter was released by Chauhdry Iftikhar Deobandi-led sovereign judiciary under a deal. Malik Ishaq Deobandi is involved in killing over 100 Shias and Sunni Barelvis himself, along with the attack on Sri Lankan team in 2009.
After his release from prison, head of Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LeJ, militant arm of Sipah Sahaba), Malik Ishaq Deobandi has manoeuvred actively to rise to the top slot of Sipah Sahaba. With backing of powerful elements within establishment, he has become the vice president of ASWJ (Sipah Sahaba). Although he wanted to directly wrest the control of party leadership, his efforts have not borne fruit yet. Thus conflict is assuming violent form.
This infighting and jostling for power was reported by Express Tribune. It has left Ahmed Ludhyianvi Deobandi in an awkward situation. Such is the rivalry between the two that if Malik Ishaq Deobandi is to participate in a rally, Ludhyanvi Deobandi is absent from it and vice versa. As elections near and ASWJ (Sipah Sahaba) is entering in an alliance with PML-N, whoever holds the leadership of Sipah Sahaba will have power in his hands. Thus Malik Ishaq-VS-Ludhiyanvi conflict might continue.
The internal dynamics are fast exacerbating as could be seen and judged by today’s attack. The intra-Deobandi conflict has in past taken the lives of great scholar Mufti Shamzai, Molana Hasan Jan and other anti-suicide bombing Deobandi scholars. All the same, when an Ahl-e Hadith prayer leader (Imam) was killed in Karachi recently, his killer was arrested red-handed who turned out to be a Deobandi member of Sipah Sahaba.
However, there are embedded pro-Sipah Sahaba bloggers on media who portray this intra-Deobandi conflict as ‘Sunnia-VS-Shia’ sectarian violence as can be seen here,
It’s official Sip-e-Muhammad versus ASWJ fighting it out on #Karachistreets. #Karachi suffers!”
anyone who tried killing Aurenzaib Farooqi is no-friend of any community – this is equivalent to declaring a “sectarian war” in #Karachi“
Ali Chishti (himself a Deobandi) is a below average blogger who has through his contacts and dubious dealing has made some name and fame on social media. An inarticulate speaker and writer, he resorts to such dangerous mischaracterization and misrepresentation to put lives of millions of Shias in peril around Pakistan. Even though he is aware that Taliban-SSP-ASWJ-LEJ-ASS do not represent Sunnis, but are rather a band of killers, he makes them as the representatives of Sunnis. He does not deliberately inform the public that over 50 Sunni leaders of Sunni Tehrik who were killed in suicide attack in Eid-Milad Nabi (SAWW) rally in Karachi were targeted by same Takfiri Deobandi-led Sipah Sahaba Taliban. Likewise, when Aurangzeb Faruqi was targeted today by his own Deobandi rivals, he once again tried to misrepresent it as Shia-VS Sunni sectarian violence, endangering lives of Shias in Karachi and Pakistan.
Through such tweets and writings, he tries to hide the Shia genocide as well. More than 20,000 Shias, including women and children, have been killed in Pakistan since 1963, a systematic killing that has been condemned by international community.
In times like this, those dishonest bloggers and media persons who paint intra-Deobandi conflict as ‘Sunni-VS-Shia’ are trying to divert the attention of world community from Shia genocide under way in Pakistan.


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