Saudi Wahhabi monarchy distributes provocative anti-Shia booklets during Hajj rituals

kaba1Biased Saudi Wahhabi monarchy has distributed anti-Islam and provocative booklets and pamphlets to mislead Muslims about the brightest ideology of Shia Islam during Hajj rituals.
Citing, Shiite News Monitoring Desk reported that a booklet titled Al-Kafi fee Tahzeer al Bashariya was distributed among Muslim pilgrims during Hajj rituals to misguide and mislead non-Shiites about Shia Muslims.

The purpose of intolerant takfiri Yazidi nasbi Wahhabi Salafi ideology of Saudi monarchy is to divide Muslim world in a failed bid to divert their attention from Saudi monarchy’s friendly ties with the anti-Islam and anti-Arab United States, Zionist Israelis and their allies.

The website said in its report that the booklets/pamphlets were also distributed at airports and in Mecca, Medina and other cities of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Monarchy’s official sect Wahhabi Salafi is known as anti-Islam and a new phenomenon in Islamic societies. Muslim Ummah knows that House of Saud and their spiritual godfather Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab Najadi occupied the holy cities of Mecca and Medina by imposing a war on the Sunni Governor of the Holy Sites that was appointed by the Ottoman Caliphate.

It remains a known fact and mentioned in the book of British Spy “Humphrey’s Confessions” that Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab was a British agent. Due to their intolerant takfiri and anti-Islam ideology, Saudi monarchy razed the graves and shrines of the wives, progeny and companions of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the last apostle and Prophet of Allah Almighty.

A vast majority of the Muslims reacted to their sacrilegious razing of shrines and graves that forced them to stop from bulldozing the shrine and grave of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).

The takfiri Yazidi terrorists have always served the CIA agenda. Those trained in Afghanistan by the Saudis/CIA had bombed the holy shrines of Islamic saints in Karachi, interior Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pukhoonkhwa and Baluchistan provinces and also in federal capital Islamabad in Pakistan.

They had desecrated the holy grave and shrine of Hazrat Hujr bin Adi in Syria and dug out his body. They had desecrated the holy grave of Hazrat Jafar Tayyar, cousin of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) in Jordan.

Sunni Bralevis, followers of Sunni Imam Abu Haneefa, Imam Shafei and Imam Malik as well as Shia Muslims have always been the target of Saudi monarchy and their financed and trained muftis and terrorists.

Since the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah have become popular among Muslims across the world due to their anti-Israel and anti-imperialist stance, Saudi Monarchy has intensified its anti-Shia plots to misguide Muslims and Arabs.


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