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Afghanistan: 40 Militants Killed, Fighting Extended to 3rd Day in Kunar

Officials in Eastern Kunar province said 40 militants have been killed and as many injured so far in the fighting that is extended to 3rd day in Dangam district.

Afghan National Army commanders in the East say 5 of their soldier also lost their lives in the battle and 6 others injured, Khaama Press reported.

Police have not released the current report of their casualties but yesterday 4 policemen were injured.

Officials say the militants have also burned a number of the civilian houses who upraised against the Taliban insurgency in the district and currently in the side of the security forces.

In the meantime the civilians who have taken their weapons against the insurgents urge the central government to send more aid to the district to defeat the militants.

Although local officials are saying that the insurgents belong to the group of the Taliban of Pakistan but Afghan Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Dangam district to the East shares a border with Pakistan. The information provided by the local officials indicates that insurgents cross border for terrorist activities in the province.


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