Thousands protest in India’s Kargil condemn the terrorist attack in Kuwait Shia mosque

Kargil: A massive protest was organized by Jamiate Ulema Islamia School Kargil against the attack on a Mosque in Kuwait on Friday in which several people lost their lives and many more were injured.

The protest was led by Imam-e-Jumah Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Muqaddas. Protesters holding placards with anti-ISIS messages also raised slogans against US and Israel.The protesters marched through Kargil Bazaar and staged demonstration at Islamia School Chowk.

Addressing to the gathering, alocal cleric Syed Mohamamd Kazim said, “These kinds of attacks are sponsored by United Stated of America and Israel through ISIS kind of organizations to defame and divide Muslim Ummah.” He added, Muslims should unite to combat such kind of conspiracies.

Another cleric Sheikh Ali Elmisaid said, the Muslims in world understand the mischief of ISIS. Talking to gathering Imam-e-Jumah Sheikh Mohmmad Muqqadas said, “Whether in Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Pakistan or Kuwait; every where Shia Muslims are being targeted. This is a conspiracy to divide Muslims on sectarian lines.”


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