9 Taliban militants killed in security operations in Afghanistan

At least nine Taliban militants have been killed in the operations by the Afghan security forces in the country’s east-central province of Maidan Wardak.

Afghan officials said on Monday that the militants were killed and four others were wounded during the operations in the areas of Ambokhak and Seyab in Chak district the night before.

An unknown number of militants’ hideouts were also destroyed during the operations, they added.

Different militant groups, including Taliban, operate in some areas of Maidan Wardak Province.

This comes a day after Afghanistan announced that its forces had killed 103 Taliban militants in mop-up operations across the country.

Also on Monday, Afghan lawmakers held a session aimed at addressing security concerns in the country, including recent advances by Daesh militants in the eastern Nangarhar Province.

The first deputy speaker of the Afghan House of Representatives, Zahir Qadir, called on the government to take action against the militants, warning that the terrorists were gaining ground in the country.

The Daesh militants have reportedly been recruiting militants in Afghanistan over recent months, in what is believed to be aimed at establishing sanctuaries in areas traditionally seen as Taliban strongholds.

Afghanistan has been the scene of violence since 2001 when the US and its allies invaded the country as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror.


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