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Message of Ashura Confab Held in New Delhi

Closing to the month of Muharram, Ahlul Bayt Local Assembly in India held Message of Ashura conference in New Delhi.

At the beginning of the conference Secretary General of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly told the audiences about the necessity of improving unity and sympathy among all the sects in the country.

Hojjatulislam Akhtari also said: “Message of Ashura is the message of peace and unity. The event of Karbala has brought a new sprit in the minds of people around the world.”

“Imam Hussein (AS) showed us how should we live and how should we die; he taught us how to beaggressiveagainstoppressorsand how to be the helper of the oppressed people,” he added.

Akhtari also referred to the Saudi war against Yemen’s people and said we must be aware of our enemies’ plots and don’t let them to interrupt us with disunity.

Hojjatulislam Mahdavi poor, the representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in India, also was another speaker of the conference.

“The month of Muharram and organizing mourning ceremonies is the best way of delivering the message of Ashura,” he said.

Secretary General of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly will meet with the heads of Islamic associations in his journey to India and Bangladesh.


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