Afghanistan criticises Pakistan at UNGA for hosting Taliban

Afghanistan hit out at Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly as the country’s second Vice President Sarwar Danish said the “world knows where Taliban leaders live.” He siad: “Pakistan doesn’t act against terrorists.”

Danish said Afghanistan has repeatedly asked Pakistan to act against the terrorists and their safe havens in Pakistan, but they have refused to act.
He cited an instance and said that the “attacks on American Universities were plotted on Pakistan soil.”
Danish accused Pakistan of having a dual policy on terrorism and said that Pakistan discriminates between what they call as “good and bad terrorists” which hampers international peace.
The statement by Afghanistan comes at a time when India is intensifying its efforts to isolate Pakistan on an international level in the wake of the Uri attacks.
Earlier on Wednesday, Afghanistan’s foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani too asked Pakistan to destroy the “safe havens” for terrorists from its soil.
Rabbani went on to say that Pakistan’s “India phobia” was preventing it from dealing with the terror groups. He said Pakistan has reasons for the way they were acting against terrorists.
“The way Pakistan behaves is because they have India phobia, there are military and civilian tensions and there is trust deficit between Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Rabbani said.
Moreover, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani too urged Pakistan to end all support, sponsorship and safe havens to terrorists.
On Tuesday, the Afghan envoy to India, Shaida Mohammad Abdali, had also supported India’s claim of isolating Pakistan.
Abdali said that Pakistan should be singled out by the South Asian countries because it jeopardizes regional unity and peace.


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