Senior Kashmiri Shia leader slams India for welcoming Israel Prime Minister

Anjuman Shari Shain (Kashmiri Shia political party) has castigated India for welcoming Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s in country.

Addressing before Friday congregational prayers, Anjuamn Shari Shain president and senior separatist leader Aga Syed Hasan Almosvi Alsafvi said labeled Israel as the butcher of Palestine innocent people.

He said while the Israeli government is terrorising Muslims in Palestine, India is welcoming their prime minister. “Muslims in Palestine are being attacked, their lands and property being encroached upon. It is sad to see India welcoming Netanyahu with open arms,” said Aga Hasan.

He labelled Netenyahu as a war criminal and accused India of shielding and supporting criminals who are involved in genocide of innocent people.

He said Israel is the enemy of Muslim world.

He said such moves will weaken Indian democratic approach in foreign policy.

He further said that India always supported Palestine cause.

“This paradigm shift”, he said, “will make India a puppet of the US


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