Shi’as observe Ashura Day mourning across India

Ashura_indiaShi’as on Friday observed Ashura Day mourning rituals, 10th day of Muharram, across India to commemorate supreme sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS), grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), along with 72 of his relatives, friends and supporters.

Dressed in black clothes, bare footed and holding Alams (symbols), decorated Tazias and banners written “Ya Hussain”, “Ya Abbas” on them, Thousands of men, women and children belonging to the Shi’a sect of Islam, went in processions, crying “Ya Hussain” – “Ya Abbas” and beating their chests in the ceremonial ‘matam’ or mourning to observe ‘Yaum-e-Ashura’ – the 10th day of Muharram, the first month of the Lunar Islamic calendar.

In the national capital Delhi, the main procession was taken out Friday morning from Shi’ayan Mosque at Kashmiri Gate, which was culminated at Imambargah Panje Sharief in evening. Thousands of people took part in mourning processions to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS).

Meanwhile, setting an example of communal amity, the Sunnis and Hindus also came out in large number and joined their Shi’a brethren in processions to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS).

Special prayers were also offered at various mosques across India to mark the day.

Similar processions were also brought out from other parts of the country.

The ‘Shaam-e-Ghariban’ rituals (Night of the Bereaved) were held after sunset.

Elaborate security arrangements were made across the country, especially in sensitive areas.

It was during the month of Muharram in 680 AD, when the soldiers of the tyrant ruling caliph Yazid martyred Imam Hussain (AS), and his 72 companions at Karbala desert, situated in today’s Iraq.

Yazid who was in power then wanted to gain Bay’at (allegiance) of Imam Hussain (AS). Because Yazid was openly going against the teachings of Islam in public and changing the sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (AS). Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson and the rightful successor of Prophet Muhammad (AS) and the 3rd Imam of Shi’as stood up aganst Yazid.

He said ‘If the religion of the Messenger of Allah (AS) was not going to live on except with me martyred, let the swords tear me to pieces.

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