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Protest rally in Mumbai to support uprising in Middle Eas

mailer1To support the uprisings in various countries of Middle East, youths from Mumbai and Pune joined hands to hold a protest rally to support the cause of Oppressed people of Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain.

Hundreds of people from all the ages, kids, teens and elders gathered in historic ‘Freedom Ground’ (Azad Maidan) of  Mumbai on 25th Feb, 2011, chanting slogans of Down Down, Al Khalifa, Death to Ghaddafi, Death to Israel, Death to America, Death to Dictators while holding flags of Middle Eastern Countries and placards showing their anger and frustration on the western supported dictators like Husni Mubarak, Bin Ali, Al Khalifa, King Abdulla, etc.

Many Islamic scholars including Maulana Farman Moosavi, Maulana Shahidi, etc had given speeches to highlight the issue of Middle East uprising and conspiracies of west in killing innocent people.

This is to bring your attention that atleast 1500 innocents has lost their lives in bloody massacre in Libya by the forces of Colonel Ghaddafi while several lost their lives in uprising in Bahrain and Yemen.

Several Bahraini students from Pune also addressed the rally stating their concerns about the ongoing onslaught in Bahrain on their friends and families. Brother Hussain who is from Bahrain and currently pursuing his studies in Pune quoted how the troops loyal to Al Khalifa shot dead her grand mother with rubber bullet.

Crowd also chanted slogans related to Karbala, symbolizing their ongoing fight with oppression and injustice on the line of Holy struggle of Imam Hussain (AS) and vowed that their struggle will go on till there will be oppression and injustice in this world.

We also got good press coverage. Lots of leading news paper included pics from rally showing our support to the people’s uprising.

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