India: Shias take out procession to commemorate Hazrat Ali’s martyrdom

shiitenews india yom e ali asThe procession to commemorate the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali passed off peacefully in the morning of Saturday at old city of Lucknow. The procession marks the incident when Hazrat Ali, the fourth Caliph, was wounded on the 19th Ramdan and finally passed away on 21st Ramdan. To commemorate his martyrdom, Shia Muslims take out procession on both the days.

The procession is part of the tripartite agreement reached between the two sects — Shias and Sunnis — and district administration in 1999 for amicable solutions to the processions. Shias have been permitted to take out nine processions while Sunnis have been allowed to take out one procession as per the route chart decided in the agreement.

The procession of 19th Ramdan is also known as ‘Gileem ka Juloos’. It originated in the morning from Masjid-e-Qufa in Qazmain. Before the start of the procession, it was addressed by Maulana Mirza Mohd Ashfaque who highlighted the incident of martyrdom of Hazrat Ali. The procession passed through Nakhas and culminated at Pata Nala where it was addressed by Maulana Meesam Zaidi. As per the tradition the juloos was handed over to the women of Shia community.

The other procession on 21st Ramdan will originate from Najaf and will culminate at Talkatora Karbala.

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