Thousands of Sri Lankan Muslims protest against anti-Islam US film

srilanka protestThousands of Sri Lankan Muslims marched towards the heavily barricaded US embassy Monday calling for ban of American brands, denouncing an anti-Islam film that has triggered protests across the world.

Around 20,000 people carried placards urging boycott of US brand names in the second anti-US protest in the capital since Friday.
The US embassy was shut down today as a precautionary measure.

Today’s peaceful protest march was led by the Governor of the Western Province, Alavi Moulana of the ruling UPFA coalition, pti reported. The protesters also carried placards saying “USA ban the film on YouTube,” “Punishment for those involved,” and “Our hearts are wounded and chests full of anger.”

Responding to criticism of the film, the government yesterday said steps have been taken to prevent it from being screened in the Buddhist majority island.
Muslims constitute only 7 per cent of the 20 million population.

Protesters were, however, not allowed to go near the embassy which is located within close proximity to President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s office.
A 14-minute trailer for the video titled “Innocence of Muslims,” was uploaded on the internet depicting Holy Prophet Mhammad (PBUH) in a derogatory manner.

According to media reports, the video is a brain child of a 52-year old Israeli-American, Sam Bacile who had received a donation of $ 5 million from 100 Jewish donors to make a movie called “Islam is Cancer.”

The film had sparked fury among Muslims around the globe in which around 50 people have lost their lives.

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