Turkish Party : Erdogan’s Support to Terrorists a Constitutional Crime

chpTurkish Republican People’s Party underlined that the Government of Recep Tayyib Erdogan’s hosting and supporting the armed terrorist groups which target Syria is a legal and constitutional crime as the Turkish constitution bans the presence of armed foreign members on the Turkish lands.

At a press conference, Hursit Gunes, Member of the Executive office at the Republican Party, briefed the press on the movements of the so-called “the Free Army” in turkey, screening a TV report including excerpts of meetings and statements by leader of this militia Riad al-Asa’ad while he meets a group of gunmen.
He called on the Turkish General Prosecutor to bring Erdogan, Foreign, defense and Interior Ministers to justice and take the legal procedures against them for committing a constitutional crime.
Meanwhile, a poll made in 21 Turkish provinces revealed that 88% of the citizens consider the policies of Erdogan regarding interference in Syria as a danger on the Turkish national security.
Mazen Eyon


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