Thousands of Shia Muslims in Kargil commemorate Araba’een despite freezing -17°C temp

KARGIL JALUSThousands of Shia Muslims in Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir, took to the streets of Kargil to mourn Arba’een, the 40th day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (PBUH) and his 72 companions despite freezing minus 17°C temp.

Thousands of mourners from across the district have come together in Kargil district of Jammu and kashmir to mark the Arbaeen ritual, which marks the 40th day following the seventh-century martyrdom of the third Shia Imam, Imam Hussein (AS).

Bearing the minimum temperature of -17 and dressed in black, the mourners gathered from across Kargil in Kargil Town to mourn the tragedy, in which Imam Hussein (PBUH) along with 72 of his companions were martyred.

Large tents, and food and drink stalls have been set up by volunteers to ease the mourners of Imam Al-Hussein (AS). Also stalls were seen in the market offering, tea, Khaewa, and milk etc to the mourners. Meanwhile stalls of health department for providing medical treatments to the mourners were established in the market and doctors and para medics were seen in providing medical treatment and volunteers of Taxi Union were seen transporting the mourners from one place to another along with volunteers of Red Cross Society Kargil.

The procession from various villages reached Islamia School Kargil and Passing through Islamia School Kargil, T Chowk, Lal Chowk concluded at Qatilgah-e-Hussaini (Inqalab Manzil) and Public Park Kargil.

The Main Speaker threw light on the Philosophy of Karbala and martyrdom and the world should follow the path of Imam Hussain to establish peace and communal Harmony in the world and termed Imam Hussain (A) as the first person who fought against brutality and terrorism.

The Vice President Islamia School Kargil Syed Jammal Uddinn Mossavi performed the Aashura supplication and prayed for the peace and communal harmony of the country, as well as of the state. He also prayed for those deceased in Pakistan by bombing of Taliban Pakistan.

In the Last General Secretary Islamia School Kargil Sheikh Mohammad Ali Helmi, thanked the Administration, Media, Taxi Union and others for providing different helps for the successful completion of Arbaeen-Hussaini.

Mourners also waved the flags of Palestine and Bahrain during the procession.


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