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Turkish Federation of Journalists: 70 journalists fired or forced to resign after protests

turkish girlTurkish Federation of Journalists stressed that more than 70 journalists were fired or forced to resign since the eruption of the protest movement against the government of Justice and Development Party last May.

AFP quoted the Federation as saying in a statement Thursday that more than 59 journalists lost their jobs, as the fate of 14 is still unknown since confronting the project of Djezzy Park in Istanbul.

The statement added that out of 59 journalists, 22 were dismissed, while 37 were forced to quit their jobs according to a document that condemned the authorities’ pressures on newspapers to get rid of the journalists who are not lenient with the government’s policies.

The protesters criticized the stance of the Turkish outlets during the unprecedented demonstrations that erupted in the country in June, considering the media coverage as biased.

The newspapers and TV channels in Turkey are controlled by companies close to the Government except for few media outlets which express their independence and opposition of the ruling regime for more than ten years.


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