Iran’s achievements in science, technology “laudable”: Indian Leader

indian leaderIn an exclusive interview with IRNA, Amrish Singh Gautam, MLA of Delhi Assembly said: “Proving that quest for knowledge has helped man conquer space, Iran, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, accelerated speed and efforts in scientific and technological fields and has achieved many milestones.ˈ

He noted that technology advancements at a blistering pace is not new in the world. But, Iran achieved the milestones without the help of outside world.

“The display of hard work and deep commitment has made every Iranian’s heart swell with pride and confidence,” Gautam further noted.

Referring to Iran’s announcement to launch three domestically-built satellites, Indian legislature said the Persian Gulf nation, considering that the technology is an increasingly important element of globalization and of competitiveness, has now reached on commanding position to compete with developed nations.

Congratulating Iranian nation in general and scientists in particular, Amrish asserted that these scientific and technology achievements in the beginning are beneficial for own country. But, on later-stages, not only the regional, but the world countries are benefited with them.

Iran launched its first indigenous satellite, Omid (Hope), in 2009, and also sent its first bio-capsule containing living creatures into space in February 2010, using the indigenous Kavoshgar-3 (Explorer-3) carrier. Iran is one of the 24 founding members of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, which was established in 1959.


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