Indonesian Ahlul-Bayt Organization Praises Imam Hussein Holy Shrine for Efforts on Quran

indonesian imamAn Indonesian delegation, accompanied by a delegation from the Quran House of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine visited the head of the Shia Endowment Bureau His Eminence Sayed Salih El-Haideri, in Baghdad.

El-Haideri, warmly welcomed the delegations and mentioned, in a meeting, that there is a firm relationship between the Iraqi and Indonesian peoples. He highlighted the importance of Quran and dealing with it constantly, for it is being the Islamic most authentic reference.

The head of Ahlul-Bayt Organization highly praised the noticeable efforts made by the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, through various activities. He importantly highlighted the importance of maintaining better relationships between Iraq and Indonesia in terms of exchanging Experiences in the Noble Quran.


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