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Al-Wefaq: Regime declares war against Shiites dissolving highest religious organization

al majlis islamiThe regime in Bahrain has today declared a war against Shiite citizens with a reckless and politicised decision taken by the judiciary to dissolve the “Islamic Council of Scholars”, Bahrain’s highest religious Shiite organisation. This act reveals the extent of the hateful and sectarian practices in dealing with Shiites, a major religious sector of Bahrain.

Despite this political decision, the Council has played an important national role in stopping bloodshed and helping to preserve national unity and coexistence, in the face of attempts by the authority to cause destruction of the community.

The Council’s presence in Bahrain is not limited solely to a building or an organisation, but is a historical presence for which Bahrain is known for more than 1,000 years. It was and continues to play a leading and influential role, as a source of stability for Bahrain. It has played a particularly supportive role to the people, with the existence of an unpopular and authoritarian regime that is hostile to the people and tried to stir sedition. The Council has been a stalwart of stability in Bahrain, not to mention that their presence in Bahrain is much older than the regime.


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