Non-stop attacks against religious freedoms continue

unnamed5The regime in Bahrain is continuing its vicious attacks against the religious freedoms in Bahrian by continuously forbidding citizens from praying in the historic mosque of Al-Barbaghi. the mosque was demolished by the regime forces during the revolutionary uprising in 2011 when 36 other mosques were vindictively destroyed as well.

The arbitrary ban was persistently imposed following the politicized decision to dissolve the clerics Islamic Council, vindictive sectarian measures taken against the Shia’as in Bahrain .

Three citizens were reported to have been arrested as they were attempting to reach the site of Al-Barbaghi mosques which was already besieged with barbed wires and police cars to prevent citizens from exercising their basic religious rights.

Al-Barbaghi mosque is a historic mosque that was built 440 years ago before the ruling family had arrived to Bahrain. The regime demolished it and destroyed the grave of Shaikh Mohammed Al-Barbagi and still refuses to reconstruct despite the fact that the BICI report and many human rights organizations recommended the reconstruction of the mosques destroyed by the regime during the uprising in 2011.


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