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Bahraini forces brutally beat to death a Shiite woman

bahrain protest5Al Wefaq National Islamic Society has announced the death of Asma Hussain (52 years) in the village of Jid Alhaj.

Mrs. Asma Hussain fell unconscious when the regime’s heavily armed forces and militias raided her home to arrest her son, when she steadily attempt to stop them they brutally beat her at around 2am this morning, terrorising the family within. The security forces broke into her home after having raided and vandalised her neighbour’s house.

The security forces refused to help when her son requested it, and the residents called for an ambulance, but unfortunately it arrived only after she had passed away.

Al Wefaq said the terror-inspiring raids carried out by the regime forces and militias are not the behaviour of a state acting its duty to protect all citizens. The security doctrine of the regime forces and its foreign mercenaries must be changed so that they protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens instead of punishing them.

The martyr Asma is not the first victim to die of such terrorism, Aziza Khamis died in April 2011 after her house was raided. Mr. Abdul Ghani Rayyis also died of depression and stress after the authorities refused to let him see his detained son.


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