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Bahrain : A sectarian campaign accompanied by raids and arrests

qasim“A sectarian campaign accompanied with home raids and arrests has been taking place in the area between Galali and Samaheej,” Al-Wefaq said

Al-Wefaq stressed that pictures and information published in social media, reveal flagrant violations that relive the citizens experiences of the state of emergency, due to the level of abuses and sectarianism provoked, which precedes and accompanies these violations.
“The raids and arrests that have taken place in that area indicate the size of the suffering the citizens are facing from the effects of the regimes procedures and provocations that are implemented in these actions. Such actions stem from a sense of revenge and attempt to antagonise citizens and both go against the law and are completely disproportionate.” They added
Al Wefaq pointed out that 2 citizens were arrested from Galali in a humiliating and illegal manner, which should not be the normal behaviour of a state.
“Writing abusive words on houses and cars of detainees and the behaviour that accompanied the arrest, suggests that the perpetrators acted out of revenge and not to apply any law, with the law existing in fact to prosecute such crimes.” Al Wefaq stressed.
Al Wefaq noted that the arrest of these two citizens, and the fabricated charges against them, that came after a systematic sectarian incitement, reflects clearly the way the regime deals with citizens, and the size of injustice practiced against them to avenge against their demands for democratisation.
This all comes whilst the delegation of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is visiting Bahrain, to look closely at the absence of law and its replacement with outlawed authority.


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