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Al-Wefaq denounces the regime’s use of judiciary to hide political crisis

bahrain crisisBahrain courts have sentenced six citizens from the Capital Manama to 60 years in total, on Sunday 23 Febraury 2014. The politicized verdicts come days after the issuance of a death sentence and life penalties against citizens from Sihla, and whose confessions were forcefully extracted under torture.

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society has strongly denounced the use of the judiciary as a tool of persecution against the people of Bahrain. “The regime uses the judiciary to issue vindictive verdicts to hide its political predicament ” Al-Wefaq stated.

Al-Wefaq stressed that the regime’s iron fist has failed to silence the people and failed to stop them from calling for a democratic transition in Bahrain. “An inclusive genuine political resolution will lead to long term stability in Bahrain” Al-Wefaq added.

Al-Wefaq said that running the country with an iron fist and sending citizens behind bars with long jail terms reflects the aggressive attitude that dominates the regime’s decision makers who are not accepting to coexist with their own people. It is also an indicator of the war that is waged by the regime against the freedom of expression in Bahrain.


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