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Organizers of mass demonstration called for interrogation in act of political intimidation against the opposition

bahrain protestbandThree Bahrainis have been called in for interrogation today in relation to the opposition’s mass march last Friday. The three had given notice to the authorities about the scheduled march.

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the measure reflects the authorities’ tightening on freedom of peaceful demonstration that is guaranteed by national and international laws and is clear intimidation of the opposition for its peaceful activism and street demonstration.

A few days ago, the authorities in Bahrain banned a mother’s day event that was to be held by Al Wefaq’s Women Department.

Five others remain in detention for leading a gigantic march that marked the revolution’s 3rd anniversary in mid February, and which around 300,000 Bahrainis participated in. Al Wefaq described the measures as arbitrary and illegal.


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