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Wide arrests and home raids during Formula 1 race

bahrain arrestsThe Bahraini security forces escalated repression on Sunday 6th April arresting over 10 citizens in illegal home raids. The security forces terrorized families by breaking open doors and vandalizing property during night raids. The villages of Daih, Eker, Malkiya and Aali were all subjected to the raids.

Many areas were also subjected to collective punishment and excessive use of force to repress peaceful marches. Toxic teargas and birdshot were heavily used. Many sustained tens of birdshot pellets in different parts of their bodies.

The security forces deployed in a number of villages in order to prevent protests from taking to streets. In one village, the officers called out abusive slogans through speakers during crackdown on demonstrations.

These practices come within a series of human rights violations against citizens as Bahrain hosts the Formula 1 race. The regime has blocked main roads and set checkpoints in many areas. In Buri, the regime blocked a subway that linked the area to its neighbor forcing people to walk students to schools.

A couple of days ago, the regime forces carried out a series of home raids that began early morning hours and continued for hours.

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the repression campaign carried out by the regime during the past few days illustrates its disapproval of legal and humanitarian commitments to the international community and world, especially that at least 50 forms of  rights violations being practiced since 3 years and ongoing have not been faced with genuine reactions by the international community.

Al Wefaq stressed that the regime is facing the legitimate political demands for democracy with unlimited repression and abuses.


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