11 Shiites jailed on false police charges in Bahrain

bahrain arrestsA Bahraini court has sentenced 11 Shiite pro-democracy demonstrators to 5 years in jail each for false charges police framed against them.

The 11 male defendants were accused of taking part in an “unauthorized” demonstration in the Shiite village of Al-Maameer, south of the capital, last June, the source said.

The prosecution also charged the pro-democracy demonstrators with assaulting a police patrol with “Molotov cocktails and iron rods”, according to the source.

After pro-democracy demonstrations erupted in mid-February 2011 in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom, dozens of Shiites have been tried over participating in protests.

Bahrain regime, backed by Saudi troops which rolled into Bahrain in support of the Al-Khalifa regime, launched a nationwide crackdown on demonstrators a month later.

More than 140 Bahrainis have been killed by security forces since February 2011.

Last year, Al-Khalifa regime increased the penalties for those convicted of violence, introducing the death penalty or life sentences in certain cases.


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