Bahrain security forces arrest former MP Osama Al Tamimi

Manama’s security forces have reportedly arrested former Bahraini lawmaker Osama Al Tamimi.

Local activist Ebtisam al-Saegh is reporting via social media that the former MP was taken from his home earlier in the day.

Al-Saegh cited sources close to the Al Tamimi family who say that operatives belonging to Manama’s General Directorate of Criminal Investigation surrounded the house before breaking down the front door.

The sources describe the arrest as ‘violent’ and said no legal justification was offered for Al Tamimi’s detention.

The former MP Osama Al Tamimi was thrown out of parliament in 2014. He is known for being highly critical of Manama’s clampdown on human rights defenders and opposition groups.

Over the years, Al Tamimi was imprisoned, shot at and harassed on numerous occasions by authorities.

In June, he sought safe passage out of Bahrain via the US Embassy in Manama after being chased by security services.

His request was rejected by the Americans.


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