Al Salman: the joint-statement is a practical step that crosses verbal condemnation

shaikh alsalmanSheikh Maytham Alsalman, the head of religious freedoms unit in the Bahrain Observatory for Human Rights described the joint-statement issued today by 46 States in the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) as a practical step that crosses verbal condemnation. He said if Bahrain does not respond objectively to the statement issued today, it will be in unpleasant position in the 27th session for the HRC next September.

Alsalman spoke at a side event in the 26th session for the UN HRC in Geneva. He said, “Establishing a country office for the OHCHR, without limiting its activities to technical assistance and capacity-building, will contribute to professional dealing with the ongoing systematic human rights violations in Bahrain. And thus, the reduction in the growth of the violations committed by the authority”.
Alsalman said the joint-statement by over 45 States calling for the establishment of a country office in Bahrain comes from the extraordinary and fruitful activism of the human rights organizations by documenting violations and communicating with the UN mechanisms and procedures.


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