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Bahraini students deprived of education

Bahrain-StudentsThe Bahraini Authority is stalling in legal obligations to allow detained students to sit for exams. A big number of students are deprived from education in police-custody in Bahrain.

The family of Mohammed Issa Jassim, who is in grade 9, have delivered a letter to the court about his right to sit for exams, but they have not received a reply.

Hussain Sahwan, 17, was deprived from the last 4 exams in his school journey. Hussain was supposed to be graduating this summer, if it wasn’t for the arbitrary arrest that put him behind bars. His family was surprised that his name had not been listed to sit for exams. The family then approached the Education Ministry many times, it finally told them that an error occurred by the Interior Ministry.

Hussain’s case is an example of hundreds of students who are detained and deprived from education as retaliation.


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