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Leading Bahraini Shia scholars condemn sectarian speech and incitement

Leading Bahraini scholars, including Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassim, have issued a statement condemning a video footage that showed religious insults against the Shia sect in Bahrain.

The footage that was circulated via social media showed a former Lieutenant, Adel Flaifel, insulting and describing Shiites as atheists. The video also included threats of assassination and cleansing.

The scholars said the State is fully responsible for the insults and threats made by Flaifel and demand that measures be taken against him, or he will be considered to be speaking on behalf of the regime.

The scholars also called on the people to peacefully declare refusal of such sectarian language that threatens national unity and security and that is unaccepted by all Bahrainis, Sunnis and Shiites.

Adel Flaifel is an individual with a bloody reputation in Bahrain, with many Bahrainis alleging that they were tortured personally by him.


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