Bahraini Shiite cleric deprived of communication privileges in Jaw Prison

Jailed Bahraini Shiite cleric Sheikh Isa Al-Qaffas is reportedly being denied his communication privileges by authorities at Jaw Prison.

Online activists cited the prisoner’s family, alleging that Sheikh Al-Qaffas has had no contact with the outside world for at least two weeks.

The restrictions are being described as an act of punishment against the Shiite cleric who openly mourned two young Bahrainis that were executed in July of this year.

Ali Al-Arab and Ahmed Al-Malali were put to death by firing squad despite international concerns that their convictions on terrorism charges were the result of torture and unfair trials.

Just days after their execution, Sheikh Al-Qaffas confronted a prison guard at Jaw, who was threatening inmates mourning Al-Malali.

Since then, he has been assaulted and spent time in solitary confinement.

The cleric is serving a 10-year prison sentence for allegedly forming the so-called Al-Basta Group.

Manama claims the group had links to Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Among those convicted in the case are the son of a Bahraini opposition figure Hussein Abdul Wahab and journalist Al-Jazeeri.


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