Israel attends anti-Iran summit in Bahrain

Israel at anti-Iran Bahrain Summit

Israel attends anti-Iran summit in Bahrain

Finally, a senior Israeli official participated in a security conference in Bahrain today on Monday.

That marks a fresh sign of warming ties between Israel and some Arab states although it angers Palestinians and Kashmiris.

Israel at anti-Iran Bahrain Summit

Dana Benvenisti-Gabay, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s regional security and counter-terrorism department, represented Israel at the conference in Manama.

The conferenxe held as the Working Group on Maritime and Aviation Security.


US uses Poland and Bahrain

Bahrain, United States and Poland are co-hosting the event. Earlier, a source in Bahrain told The Times of Israel online newspaper on Sunday that a senior Israeli foreign ministry official will take part on October 21-22.

Warsaw process aims to bury Palestine issue

The so-called Warsaw process started with the February 13-14 anti-Iran conference in the Polish capital. Poland and the US had co-sponsored that. At the time, Tehran denounced the summit as a “desperate circus” disgracing its participants.

Western officials told the Israeli TV channel that the administration of US President Donald Trump masterminded the Bahrain conference.

Zionist overstates Iranophobia

And the Manama summit discussed the protection of vessels in the Persian Gulf from alleged “Iranian attacks.”

Trump administration serves Israeli interests

Bahrain hosts the US Fifth Fleet. On July 31, it hosts a conference on “maritime security” in the Persian Gulf.

However, it remained amazing tht a number of mysterious attacks occuured in the strategic waters prior to that. And Washington wasted no time to put blame for that on Iran, without offering any credible evidence.

Iran has blasted Bahrain for hosting “suspicious and provocative meetings.” Furthermore, Iran urged the unelected despotic monarchy to stop acting as “a facilitator of enemy plots” in the region.

Israel has full diplomatic ties with only two Arab states, Egypt and Jordan. But, recent reports suggest Tel Aviv has been working behind the scene to establish formal contacts with other Arab countries such as Bahrain.

In July, Israeli and Bahraini foreign ministers Israel Katz and Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifah met for a brief chat on Iran in Washington and the two posed for a rare photograph.


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