First 12 days of November over 40 Bahrainis arrested

The first 12 days of November witnessed a dramatic spike in the number of Bahrainis being arbitrarily arrested by Manama’s security services.

Online activists reported on Tuesday that at least 43 people have been detained since the start of the month.

The kingdom’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) tried to justify the latest raids by claiming that it was conducting a “preemptive security operation” against individuals with alleged links to foreign “terrorist” elements.

Thousands of Bahrainis have been jailed under the guise of counter terrorism since the start of pro-democracy protests in Bahrain in 2011. Many were held incommunicado and slapped with lengthy prison sentences following trials marred by allegations of torture and due process violations.

According to activists, some of those taken into police custody in recent days are former detainees who had already served their jail terms.

The arrests are coupled with the deployment of armored vehicles and police convoys in numerous Bahraini cities and villages.

Activists are warning that the number of arrests is expected to rise in the coming days and weeks with no end in sight for the current operation.


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