Belgium Calls on Bahraini Regime to Stop Violations against Activists

The Belgium Senate expressed its concerns regarding violations of human rights and repression of basic democratic rights in Bahrain, calling on the Bahraini regime to stop violations of the rights of activists and to reinstate the actual cessation of the death penalty, and the release of human rights activists.

At the same time, human rights activists demanded – during a symposium in Brussels – the European Union to exert more pressure on Al-Khalifa system through the imposition of economic sanctions and the ratification by the European Parliament of resolutions condemning human rights violations in Bahrain. Jurists emphasized that the violations have become a systematic behavior against opponents, bloggers and human rights defenders in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, speakers at the symposium denounced what they described as campaigns of arbitrary arrest, unfair trials, torture in Bahraini prisons, and restrictions on the press.



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