Bahraini Activist: Al-Khalifa’s court sentenced Seven Other Youth To Prison

Al-Khalifa’s court sentenced Mahmoud Sadiq al-Sharqi, Abdullah Maysam al-Haddad and Seyyed Mohammad Seyyed Anwar to five years in prison, and sentenced Abdullah Saeed al-Hanzibari and Hossein Kamel Mirza, father of Maysam al-Haddad and Sayyid Majid Sayyed Faisal to three years in prison.

All the youth who sentenced to prison are from “Jad Hafs” town.

Bahraini legal activist I’btisam al-Saegh described the sentences issued as “Corona of the Verdicts” that continue and will not stop. “The situation has become much more dangerous for the next generation,” he warned while stating that this situation has no treatment.

It is worth noting that more than 4,000 political and legal activists have been held in the prisons of the Al-Khalifa regime since the beginning of the Bahraini revolution in 2011 and the popular movement demanding change. The conditions in these prisons are harsh and the prisoners are treated badly, visits to families are restricted and religious ceremonies are not allowed.

-Al-Khalifa’s court


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