Bahraini Women Condemn Regime Role in Fetal, Infant Deaths

A number of Bahraini women held protest rallies to condemn cases of infant deaths as well as pregnant women’s miscarriage and spontaneous abortion associated with the excessive use of tear gas and sound bombs by the regime forces in the crackdown against the anti-regime protests.

The peaceful demonstration was held in Bahrain’s Karana region with a group of children in attendance, the Coalition Youth of February 14 Revolution website reported.
Carrying pictures of the dead children and bodies as a symbolic gesture of grievance, demonstrators chanted slogans against the Al-Khalifa regime for using excessive forces against people.

Since 2011, when an uprising against the ruling regime broke out across the Persian Gulf kingdom, there have several cases of miscarriage and spontaneous abortion because of tear gas inhalation.
According to reports, the Bahraini security forces routinely use excessive and undisciplined force in the residential areas, fire tear gas canisters and sound bombs to intimidate the residents, and subject them to collective punishment.
In the latest crackdown, Bahraini security forces attacked anti-regime protesters in the village of Bouri, Karzakan and Sitra on Thursday.
The demonstrators condemned the regime’s crackdown on demonstrations and slammed the arrests of activists.
They also chanted slogans in solidarity with dissents in neighboring Saudi Arabia.


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